Production Capacity

  • Self-made parts are precisely processed by CNC;
  • The raw material and the purchased parts are from the best manufacturers in the industry.
  • The assembly and testing procedures proceed according to JIT


  • Carry out APQP Project management system
  • Adopt design softwares such as CAD、Solidworks、UG,etc.

Quality Assurance

-Details determine quality

  • Quality Objectives

    ——The defect rate of the products delivered is lower than 1000PPM

    ——Manufacturing FPY is above 90%

  • Quality Commitment

    ——All raw materials are from the qualified suppliers. Batch supply only after qualification verified.

    ——All the working procedure follow SOP, flow into the next procedure only after QC approval.

    ——All products are 100% inspected before delivery to the customers.

    ——Set up prevention-oriented ISO9001 quality assurance system, avoiding various kinds of defects.

Quality Assurance

-Precise measurements ensure reliable quality.

  • Testing equipment:

    ——Life testing machine

    ——Air leak testing machine

    ——Electric performance testing instrument

    ——Corrosion resistance testing machine

    ——Burst pressure testing equipment

    ——Surface roughness tester

  • Management means:

    ——Operation by the specially-assigned person to ensure the correctness

    ——Periodic calibration to ensure the accuracy